How to make the bass and laser sounds from Todd Terje 'Inspector Norse' in DRC

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Of the many sub-genres of electronic dance music, it’s probably fair to say that ‘Norwegian disco’ (also known as ‘space disco’ or even ‘cosmic disco’) is a style that is not yet familiar to the masses. If asked to name several popular types of dance music, we don’t think regular disco would be anywhere near the top of list, let alone Norwegian disco.

In the cold of the Arctic circle, Norway has historically been somewhat culturally cut off from outside influences, which in part has led to the steady rise of its home grown party scene and soundtrack. As chronicled in the fantastic 2017 documentary ‘Northern Disco Lights’ (highly recommended - well worth a watch!) one of the country’s driving forces of this kind of music is Terje Olsen, better known as the artist Todd Terje.

A long time collaborator with fellow Norwegian producer Lindstrøm, the use of Todd Terje as his chosen artist name is a nod to prolific American house DJ Todd Terry. A playfulness that carries over into Terje’s work, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, describing his aim to make his music ‘fruity’ by injecting personality and a silly sense of humour into his tracks.

In this week’s video we take on his big breakthrough hit ‘Inspector Norse’, by covering the tune’s bass sound and laser sound with DRC.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

There’s Norway back for us now,
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