How to make the arpeggio sound from Mathew Jonson 'Marionette' in DRC

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It’s fair to say that we’ve been producing DRC Sound Design Tutorials for quite a while now, featuring a multitude of different genres from a diverse range of artists, all over the world. There’s one city that we keep coming back to though, a magnet for creativity; Berlin. It’s the birthplace of so many of the tracks we’ve featured, thanks to the amazing amount of talented artists and producers who call it home.

One such artist to feel the attractive pull of Germany’s capital city is Canadian born Mathew Jonson, who selected it as the ideal location to set up a European studio for his band ‘Cobblestone Jazz’. It’s easy to see influences of Jazz music in Jonson’s distinctive techno sound, something which naturally lends itself to live performance, where Jonson’s hands-on approach can exercise full control over the music.

Studying both piano and drums from an early age seems like a pretty good musical foundation for producing melodic techno; Jonson is a master of both melody and rhythm, from many years spent jamming with groups and band mates.

Today we’re taking on the arpeggio from his track ‘Marionette’, released in 2005 on the record label he founded, ‘Wagon Repair’.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Portuguese and proud,
Team Imaginando

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