How to make Fairmont 'Gazebo' with DRC

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How to make Fairmont 'Gazebo' with DRC

One of the secrets of being a successful music artist is actually finishing tracks. It sounds simple of course, but the ability to get to the point where you are happy that a particular track is ‘done’, can be tough. The length of the process to get there, inevitably varies; some tracks can magically flow into your DAW and into a near finished state within a day, other tracks may take weeks of laborious work to perfect and get just right. Often it’s the ideas, melodies and tracks which form the quickest, that tend to become the greatest.

One track that featured such a rapid conception/creation time is the 2005 Border Community label classic ‘Gazebo’ by Canadian artist ‘Fairmont’, AKA Jake Fairley. Arguably the most important record of his career, Jake wrote the melody in about 15 minutes and finished the track in just a day. When reflecting on the creative process in a 2019 interview with The Playground, Jake commented “I think the best songs often come together quickly.”

This definitely proved to be the case with Gazebo, a hugely popular release for Border Community, honoured a couple of years ago with a 2019 re-release, accompanied with a fresh set of remixes from the likes of ANNA, Patrice Baumel and more.

This week’s comprehensive DRC Sound Design Tutorial includes four sounds from Gazebo, all you need to recreate this techno classic for yourself: the main melody lead, the bass, the drone and the high-pitched, long-attack background sound.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

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