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It’s been quite a week. With our entire team all working remotely, we’re enormously proud of how the FRMS launch went, and the warm reception it has been met with in the community.

Today we’d like to share with you some of our personal highlights from the past 7 days, and hopefully inspire you with some positive energy, and bring just a little bit of light during these dark days.

First up is app store reviews. They are extremely important to us, and that’s why we read and respond to every single review. Coming just a day after launch, accompanied with the title “Quite possibly, a game changer…” iOS user Walksky32 from Australia wrote:

“Very few apps do anything truly innovative. This however, is one them. Superb sounds and ability to sculpt your own. 5/5.”

We even inspired app store user Woji52 to write their first ever review:

“I have never written a review. Ever!!! However, after briefly inspecting and quickly realizing the possibilities that this app can achieve, I needed to let people know, YES you should pick this up”

Whatever the feedback, everyone is welcome to rate, review, comment on or just come chat to us about our apps, and occasionally we are even starstruck when our heroes turn up to let us know what they think! We were honored to see this instagram post from Richard Devine, checking out FRMS and showing it off. We were also thrilled to hear from Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and see his early explorations of FRMS' massive potential.

One community member delighted to show off FRMS was prolific Imaginando supporter and YouTuber Doug AKA The Sound Test Room. He carried on his tradition of launch-day streams with this 45 minute sonic exploration - thanks Doug!

We’ve been really pleased with the overall industry response to FRMS too, and we’re really grateful to all the community and tech sites that have kindly posted about and reviewed FRMS. We loved the way described FRMS:

“hybrid synthesizer that ties Granular up with FM and shoves it through a Subtractive sound engine.”

MusicTech were really positive about complex sounds and cross platform compatibility too:

“Simply put, you may never find yourself short on options when designing new, complex sounds. And, best of all, the synth is available across macOS, iOS, Windows and Android.”

And with that we’ll wrap up this little dive into seven days of FRMS; thanks for reading.

Stay safe and take care,
Team Imaginando

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