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The number 4 sure is a great number, for all sorts of reasons; 4 beats in a bar, 4 instruments in a string quartet, even the 4 members in the Ghostbusters! As we enter June 2018, we’re also celebrating the power of 4, as Imaginando reaches its 4 year anniversary - Happy Birthday to us!

Since 2014 we’ve been following our dream on a journey of discovery; our mission: ‘Inspiring Musical Experiences’

This mantra neatly summarizes two key goals; to create Inspiring Musical Experiences, and to inspire others to create their own. We’ve previously showcased our Harpa Laser and Digital Music Box projects, and now to celebrate our 4th Birthday we’d like to share some of our favourite community content, which include Imaginando software as part of the creative process.

We start with prolific producer and YouTube star Andrew Huang, with his video about making music on mobile ‘Actually making good music with apps’ which features DRC Polyphonic Synthesizer - we’re honoured that Andrew chose DRC as the video thumbnail too!

Click here to watch Andrew Huang’s ‘Actually making good music with apps’ video

Madrid based, synthpop EDM duo ‘Heitt’ (@HeittMusicBand) are up next, with their fantastic live DJ/performance setup. Described as ‘EDM Trap Funk House’, the track ‘Living it up’ features 2 of LK’s modules, MIDI PADS and MIDI CONTROLLER, and we think it certainly lives up to its description.

Click here to watch Heitt - 'Living it up' Live DJ set

Over to Germany now, where iOS musician Hendrik Gundlach has extended DRC into a physical medium with his custom printed overlay for the BCR2000 MIDI controller. After mapping each one of DRC’s parametres, the overlay is a fantastic finishing touch, perfect for controlling DRC on a mobile device.

Click here to watch 'DRC iOS Synth controlled via BCR2000' video

We finish in style, thanks to the rich, cultural backdrop featured in the live DJ performance by Deckard - ‘The New Name Of The Rose Pt. 1’. Shot on location at the public library of Trani in Apulia, Italy, an iPad elevates LK’s MATRIX display above the desk, for some hypnotic, melodic house, set in beautiful historic surroundings.

Click here to watch Deckard - 'The New Name Of The Rose Pt. 1'


To celebrate 4 years of Imaginando there’s an awesome 40% discount on our complete range of products! That’s all in-app purchases on both iOS and Android for LK, TKFX and DRC, plus of course the big one: 40% off DRC for Desktop!

Have you ever considered taking the power of DRC into your desktop DAW? Well now is a fantastic time to do it, at a great price with a huge saving.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, we couldn’t do it without you,

From Portugal with passion,
Team Imaginando

Terms: Discount applies to all in-app purchases on Android and iOS devices, plus DRC desktop licenses available to purchase from our website. The promotion will run from 11/06/2018 to 17/06/2018. Discount is automatically applied to all prices during this period - the price you see is the price you pay.

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