DLYM Help - Overview

DLYM takes an input signal and allows the user to add a customised, simulated delay to the playback of the audio which results in phase irregularities, commonly referred to as chorus, flanger and phaser effects.

DLYM Overview

DLYM consists of a menu/status bar along the top, and controls to access the parameters below.

The left of the menu bar lists the name of the current preset/patch, and the right side contains the following icons and their respective operations:

  • DISK - saves the current patch state (by assigning a name)

  • REVERT - restores the currently loaded patch to its original saved state (undo all changes)

  • RANDOM - assigns a random value to each parameter

  • UP - selects the previous patch/preset from the list of patches

  • DOWN - selects the next patch/preset from the list of patches

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