Thank you Daft Punk

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The robots have shut down; Daft Punk are no more. Thank you Daft Punk

The robots have shut down; Daft Punk are no more.

After 28 years, the disco-driven DJ duo have decided to call it a day. During what is already a tough time for dance music, the shocking announcement brings almost tears to our eyes; We are of course, only Human After All.

We must not be sad however, and must remember the good times, One More Time. The Technologic twins have been our Superheroes of electronic dance music and the source of our Digital Love for a long time. 

To pay tribute to them in our latest DRC Sound Design Tutorial, Lucas aims to Give Life Back To Music by recreating the lead from classic Daft Punk track “Rollin’ and Scratchin’” - he’s really done his Homework for this one…

Click here to watch Lucas recreate Rollin’ and Scratchin’

Join us as we revisit the sound of some vintage Daft Punk and celebrate all the joy they gave us over the years.

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