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Imaginando Rent To Own options: K7D, DRC, FRMS

Want to add DRCK7D, or FRMS to your desktop DAW without having to pay the full price right away? ‘Rent To Own’ is for you.

It’s the perfect way to get instant access to the Imaginando products you want, by spreading the cost using affordable monthly payments, that you can keep track of and manage from your Imaginando dashboard at any time.

Our latest FRMS - Granular Synthesizer (One time price 119 EUR) can be yours for 12 monthly payments of 11.9 EUR.

Or if you’re seeking something more analog, get DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer for only 8.9 EUR/month for 12 months. (One time price 89 EUR).

Finally, start using K7D - Tape Delay, right away - with Rent To Own it’s just 6 monthly payments of 7.8 EUR. (One time price 39 EUR).

After setting up a Rent To Own plan, you can start using your new software straight away, then after you’ve completed the required number of payments, the licence is all yours, forever. You can pause and resume the plan whenever you need to, your payment progress is always saved, for you to pick up where you left off.

To start a new Rent To Own plan, simply visit the ‘products’ section of your Imaginando dashboard today, or to learn more about Rent To Own, watch our video guide.

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