Introducing our new video tutorial series

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Have you checked out our latest video series on YouTube yet?

Following on from our popular DRC Sound Design Tutorials, we’re now bringing you a fresh slice of creativity in the form of our FRMS ‘from scratch’ series.

Each week we sample some interesting sound sources and then get granular with the results to create some totally unique and original sounds!

Week one Lucas got his hands on a ‘Thunder Toy’ and in the latest video we go back to school for inspiration with the classic ruler on a desk ‘boing’ paired with a simple tin can for some FRMS layered-based fun.

Join us on a journey of sonic exploration and see what Lucas ‘can’ make musical with FRMS and a bit of imagination.

Got a crazy suggestion about what we should sample next? Let us know in the YouTube comments!

From samples to grains,
Team Imaginando

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