DRC Update - New delay ramp knob, UI scaling and more

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DRC 2.9.2 update

Hi everyone,

Today we have released DRC 2.9.2 across all platforms; here’s a quick summary of the main changes:

  • Added new ‘ramp’ parameter/knob to delay
  • Added additional panic button, shown when performance panel isn't visible
  • Added Window Scale function to desktop settings menu to enable UI resizing
  • Fixed pitch wheel handling to prevent sudden jumps/changes in values
  • Fixed chorder play/select mode switching
  • General bug fixes and improvements

The new ramp parameter added to the delay tab of the mixer allows you to specify the amount of interpolation that occurs between value changes of the time parameter. This is helpful to reduce ‘clicks’ that occur when changing the time value, if the delay keyboard sync button is active (KBD). A higher ramp value will give a smoother transition between delay time values.

This update also brings the ability to change the scale of DRC’s interface, with the addition of the ‘Window Scale’ function in the settings menu. This makes it easier to use DRC on high resolution/4K displays.

DRC 2.9.2 is available to download now for WindowsMacOSiOS and Android.

Let us know if you find the new ramp feature useful, and don’t forget to rate and review DRC on the App Store and Google Play too if you get a chance. Whatever your thoughts, we welcome all feedback, and we guarantee to read and respond to every one.

From Portugal with passion,
Team Imaginando

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