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I am an artist and music producer. I love music and I can't imagine a life without it so I keep myself busy with music composition and experiments. The Flashback : Using only my home studio, I released my first soundtrack "Space-X" on the web platforms later in 2019. Without any experience as to how I should distribute my creativity, I have spent hours researching the method to submit my soundtracks like Questlove landed over worldwide web. Eventually the hard work paid off, and Space-X garnered respect for my thought provoking soundtracks and feel good musical soundscapes, which fused live instruments with dusty analog samples. However on 2020, I have released another album FUSION MASHUP and on 18th August 2022, I have released an album FREEDOM and in March 2023 I have released INFINITY. My last released album was DEJA-VU end of the 2023 on most of the major music stores and social media. Now started composing a new album END GAME and released it's first soundtrack LEMON TREE, have a look.


Musician / Electronic