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    Simple yet powerfull Ableton Live remote controller for mobile devices, extremely simple to configure and use.

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    OP-1 Ableton Live Control Surface

    In colaboration with Teenage Engineering we have developed Ableton Live Control Surface scripts for the world acclaimed portable synthetizer OP-1.



Passion is an essential element for a fullfilled life. At Imaginando we are driven by passion in many ways. Passion to achieve great goals, passion to create great products and mostly passion to make dreams come true, even yours!



Technology is our core and we are completely passionated about it. Mankind has always had to find technological solutions in order to fulfill dreams. We thrive on technology that can make dreams turn into reality!



Imagination is the core of all dreams. No dream can come true without the imagination to pursue it. We follow our dreams and we can help you find yours!

About Us

We are small and young team of skilled engineers with more than 7 years in the software industry. With a great knowledge of the underlying details of computer systems, we always find the most optimal solution to a new problem ensuring that the quality of the final product exceeds the expectations. We are expert in delivering performant, stable and reliable software solutions for mobile or desktop environments.


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