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Review on Ask Audio by Hollin Jones

Ask Audio

Review: LK (iPad and Android Ableton Live & MIDI Controller)

"Matrix section provides great Live control, Works wirelessly or over a wired connection. Slick design. Easy to learn and use. Live and generic MIDI modes."

Hollin Jones

Review on Keyboard Mag by Francis Prève

Keyboard Mag

Review: Imaginando DRC

"All in all, Imaginando’s first foray into synthesis is a strong entry in the world of iOS production tools. And for users who also purchase the affordable VST companion synth, there is an added level of DAW integration that’s tantalizing. I look forward to seeing more from this company, as they definitely have a clear vision for the future of mobile softsynths."

Francis Prève

Review on Music Radar by Simon Arblaster

Music Radar

DRC is a (sort of) free multi-platform software synth - what's not to like?

"The app, developed by Imaginando, is a feature-rich virtual synth which delivers up to eight voices with two oscillators, one sub-oscillator and one noise source."

Simon Arblaster

Review on CDM Create Digital Music by Peter Kirn

CDM Create Digital Music

LK Gives Your iPad or Android Tablet Easy Control of Ableton Live [Gallery, Hands on]

"First, if you’re an Android user, LK’s Android tablet support alone means it just became your go-to choice if you have a tablet that isn’t an iPad.Second, LK’s simplicity and modular design I find appealing, as you’ll see in screenshots here. LK’s narrower focus in its main controller view make it particularly accessible. Devices open below the clip/mix view and expand and collapse just as they do in Ableton Live. And dedicated views for MPC-style pads, an X/Y viewer, and MIDI control are clean and easy to understand."

Peter Kirn

Review on Resident Advisor by Declan McGlynn

Resident Advisor

Imaginando - LK

"With so many Ableton controller apps available on iOS, Android compatibility might be LK's strongest niche, and although it's unlikely to blow any minds, its stability, user-friendly setup and Imaginando's dedication to updates mean it's worth demoing if you're thinking of adding touch-functionality to your studio or stage setup."

Declan McGlynn

Review on CDM Create Digital Music by Peter Kirn

CDM Create Digital Music

Control MIDI and Ableton from your iPhone, Android for handheld music

"This isn’t the first pocket controller. But it might be the first pocket controller to become truly invaluable. That’s because there’s robust support for more than just sliding some faders on your phone or working with wifi."

Peter Kirn

Review on Sonic Bloom by Madeleine Bloom

Sonic Bloom

LK – iOS and Android Controller for Ableton Live and other MIDI-capable Gear (Review)

"The MIDI mode takes it beyond Ableton Live, allowing the control of any MIDI capable gear. This and the added USB wired connection are some really great features that might just make LK the perfect choice as an iOS and Android app controller"

Madeleine Bloom

Review on The Future FM by Jordan Antonucci

The Future FM

Imaginando Releases “LK” | Ableton Live & MIDI controller | IOS/Android

"If electronic music making was like taking a math test, LK would be your trusty calculator. A resource that may not be necessary, but you’d be crazy not to use it given it’s significantly faster, more efficient, and reliable than just your brain alone when striving for great results. Not to mention it saves you from the headache of doing all that long-division by hand (err… MIDI mapping… yeah, you get the analogy)."

Jordan Antonucci

Review on Ask Audio by Rounik Sethi

Ask Audio

Imaginando (TKFX, LK & DRC) 2nd Anniversary Big Sale

"It’s been two years since Imaginando broke onto the scene with their innovative Ableton Live and Traktor iOS controller apps. And now it’s time to celebrate…!"

Rounik Sethi

Review on DJBan by Camila Giamelaro


LK Ableton Live Controller para iOS e Android

"Controladores MIDI fiquem alertas! Está chegando o controlador em forma de aplicativo LK para dispositivos iOS e Android. O pessoal da Imaginando acaba de lançar o que parece ser o futuro dos controladores para Ableton Live."

Camila Giamelaro

Review on Portugal Startups by Inês Faria

Portugal Startups

Imaginando: making Portugal stand out in the electronic music scene

"The Portuguese startup wants to establish itself and its products as “reference tools and instruments for musicians worldwide, allowing them to create and have inspiring musical experiences”. We are sure they’re on the right track."

Inês Faria

Review on Jornal Económico by Fernando Pedro

Jornal Económico

Imaginando: startup de Braga que exporta tecnologia audio para o mundo

"A start up portuguesa que nasceu em Braga alia a tecnologia com a música eletrónica. A Imaginando é pioneira no desenvolvimento e comercialização de tecnologia áudio em Portugal e já conquistou o mundo."

Fernando Pedro

Review on Publico by P3


Imaginando: controlar a música electrónica a partir dos 'gadgets'

"São dez os projectos portugueses que competem pelos 25 mil euros do Prémio Nacional das Indústrias Criativas. Nuno Santos criou uma empresa de software voltado para a música electrónica, a Imaginando."


Review on I House U by

I House U

LK Ableton Live Controller Imaginando

"LK es una aplicación de control remoto sofisticado para software de música y hardware, con una estrecha integración con Ableton Live. Fácil personalización con los módulos 4 independientes, uso intuitivo, herramientas creativas y maneras de controlar o componer hace LK un compañero poderoso para cualquier músico electrónico."

Review on Bedroom Producers Blog by Tomislav Zlatic

Bedroom Producers Blog

Imaginando Releases DRC Synthesizer For Desktop & Mobile!

"It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited about an up and coming virtual instrument. Sure, it’s just a virtual analog synthesizer, but the fact that it sounds so nice and that it works across all devices is just so damn cool. I can’t wait to see where this project goes in the future. Major props to Imaginando for this release."

Tomislav Zlatic

Review on Exame Informatica by Hugo Sèneca

Exame Informatica

DRC: o primeiro sintetizador português já está disponível para download

"Para computador, telemóvel ou tablet; iOS ou Android. O DRC é provavelmente o primeiro software de sintetizador produzido em Portugal. Em pouco mais de um mês foi descarregado mais de 200 vezes. O desenvolvimento de hardware segue nos tempos mais próximos."

Hugo Sèneca

Review on Sound On Sound by Paul Nagle

Sound On Sound

Imaginando DRC

"While it lacks a memorable name or gratuitously rendered graphics to shout ‘here I am’, the DRC polyphonic synthesizer makes up for its low-key nature with a clear interface, decent-sounding effects and those preset chords and strum bars"

Paul Nagle

Review on Synthopia by


New Virtual Analog For Android, iOS, Mac & Windows, DRC

"Imaginando has released a multi-platform virtual analog synthesizer for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows, DRC."

Review on BBoy Techreport by Corry Banks

BBoy Techreport

Imaginando Presents DRC – 8 Voice iOS Analog Modeling Synth

"There is a new iOS synth on the block. It’s called DRC created by Imaginando."

Corry Banks

Review on Audio Central Magazine by Attilio De Simone

Audio Central Magazine

Imaginando DRC: synth analogico multipiattaforma (vst, ios e android)

"La novità del DRC consiste, però, nel suono, ben al di sopra dello standard software a cui siamo abituati e porta lo standard sonoro di determinate macchine (penso all’ambiente ipad e android) su un nuovo livello qualitativo. Indubbiamente più che la tecnica di sintesi impiegata e l’architettura sonora prescelta a colpire è il suono del synth, che lo avvicina allo standard sonoro di synth di punta come U-He Diva e Native Instruments Monark."

Attilio De Simone

Review on Rekkerd by


Imaginando releases DRC polyphonic synthesizer for iOS, Android & VST

"DRC is a virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer that recreates the characteristic sound of an analog synthesizer targeting all music makers, from novices to professionals, proving a minimal but powerful set of parameters, for limited but incredible sonic capabilities."

Review on Musical Android by

Musical Android

DRC - New Interesting Virtual Analog Synthesizer

"This is definitively of interest for anyone looking for something new and exciting when it comes to synthesis"

Review on Route Note by Jacca-RouteNote

Route Note

DRC – Free Synth For Your Smartphone and Computer

"The creative minds at Imaginando have created DRC, a multi-platform synth that has designed to be intuitive across all devices."


Review on Dinheiro Vivo by Diogo Ferreira Nunes

Dinheiro Vivo

Imaginando. Dar música aos estrangeiros com tecnologia portuguesa

"Parte da música que é utilizada em algumas das maiores discotecas do mundo tem mãos portuguesas. Isso é possível graças à Imaginando, startup sediada em Braga que desenvolve tecnologia áudio para músicos, engenheiros de som, DJ e produtores, sobretudo para o mercado internacional, e que já deu lucro no segundo ano de operações."

Diogo Ferreira Nunes

Review on Smite Matter IOS Music by

Smite Matter IOS Music

DRC Polyphonic Synthesizer – Review

"DRC most resembles the robust and brutal sounds of iSEM (the Oberheim remake for iOS) or iMini (Or Mini Moog) with its signature sound. This definitly is a well made emulation that packs a wallop with the best. This 8 voice polyphonic analog* synth is clearly not just another sell out 2 oscillator emulator of historic hardware trying to cash in on something famous that is either hard or impossible to find. No synth lovers, they really put their hearts into this. One could argue that we have plenty of these already. True, but this not only has the sound talking the talk, it also has a interface of minimalistic design that walks the walk where functionality is concerned."

Review on Economia Online by Rafaela Burd Relvas

Economia Online

E se pudesse tocar uma harpa laser? Já pode

"Uma startup de Braga desenvolveu uma harpa que, em vez de cordas, tem lasers. O instrumento tem sido requisitado para eventos por todo o país."

Rafaela Burd Relvas

Review on Resident Advisor by Declan McGlynn

Resident Advisor

Imaginando - TKFX

"That said, in conjunction with a dedicated hardware controller, TKFX is a simple but effective solution for extended Traktor FX control."

Declan McGlynn

Review on Bonedo by DJ Numinos


Imaginando TKFX Traktor Controller Test

"Das Schöne am bunten, großen App-Kosmos ist ja, dass jeder, der eine (mehr oder weniger) pfiffige Idee im Kopf hat und des Programmierens mächtig ist, sofort zur Tat schreiten und das fertige Produkt innerhalb kürzester Zeit unters Volk bringen kann. Dies hat gerade im Musikbereich für eine schier endlose Zahl an Programmen gesorgt, deren Spektrum von nutzlos bis unverzichtbar reicht. Die umtriebige portugiesische Software-Manufaktur Imaginando will uns mit ihrer App TKFX nun die Effektsteuerung von Traktor auf das Mobilgerät unserer Wahl bringen."

DJ Numinos

Review on DJ Ban by Will DB

DJ Ban

App TKFX, efeitos Traktor que cabem no seu bolso!


Will DB

Review on Future FM by Jacob Houchen

Future FM

Imaginando Releases TKFX Traktor Effects controller

"TKFX by Imaginando is an Apple and Android supported, real-time Traktor Pro Effects controller that features multiple large X/Y pad’s, allowing the user more in depth possibilities to control the DJ software in exciting and new ways."

Jacob Houchen

Review on DJ Times by Chris Caruso

DJ Times

TKFX 2.0 Brings Traktor Effects Controller to iOS & Android

"Imaginando’s Traktor effects controller app TKFX has been updated to version 2.0 this week, adding a slew of new features and an overhauled experience."

Chris Caruso

Review on Publico by Ana Amelia Fernandes


TKFX: uma “app”portuguesa para facilitar a vida dos DJ

"A “app” TKFX é um controlador de efeitos musicais que, segundo o criador, vem “revolucionar” a forma como os DJs de todo o mundo usam os efeitos do Traktor para pôr música digital."

Ana Amelia Fernandes

Review on Rekkerd by


Imaginando updates TKFX Traktor effects controller to v2.0

"TKFX 2.0 is still, at its core, a dedicated Traktor effects controller application, but this version introduces plenty of new features that came to life after our own experience with the previous version as well as users feedback."